Happy Gut Jellies ~ Gummies


This recipe is for “Winter Jellies”. I call them this because anti-viral, gut healing, immune-boosting, antioxidant packed, protein rich, naturally sweetened treats would have been too long for a title.

Lavender jellies will help littles drift off to sleep, Peppermint jellies if you feel like hiding the flavour of chlorella or spirulina. Pineapple juice has an enzyme that will break down the gelatin but all other juices will work well. Use a frozen juice concentrate for an extra flavour blast.


I make these more in the winter months. They are simple and the kids love them. The look on their faces when I tell them they can have as many as they’d like is priceless.
  • Apple Juice, 325 mls – Don’t be a hero and make your own. home juiced apple juice is always a little cloudy and there is no room for fiber in a Jelly. Kids go for the shiny wiggle you don’t want a hint of healthy to show on the outside, trust me. So buy the organic juice and save some time.
  • Elderberry Syrup, 25 mls – This is the star ingredient. Elderberry is one of the most effective anti-viral treatments in the world. Yes, it will kill the flu virus. Give it a Google you’ll be thrilled to see Pub Med is filled with studies showing it as an effective way to treat both influenza A and B.
  • Gelatin, 28g for Jellies/45g for Gummies – Star ingredient #2. Gelatin is spectacular for so many reasons: Full of amino acids, making for easy to digest protein. Great for soothing the gut and making little tummies feel satiated. Mommies will love gelatin’s effect on hair, skin and nails.
  • Lemon Juice, 2 Tablespoons –  A natural preservative, vitamin C and bioflavonoids, all good.
  • Honey 3 Tablespoons – Antibacterial and yummy. Look for local and unpasteurized so that you get the full benefits of all the honey goodness. If you or your little ones are battling a bad bug you can use Mauka honey which is touted as a natural antibiotic. . Please know that Manuka honey is not as tasty as other honey for kids’ sugar lovin’ taste buds.
  • Over medium heat, gently warm the apple juice, elderberry syrup and lemon juice.
  • Slowly add the 4 tablespoons of gelatin, one tablespoon at a time. Constantly blend with a whisk as you pour. The top of the mixture with get frothy, don’t worry. Mix until the gelatin granules dissolve. This won’t take long.
  • Remove from heat and whisk in the honey
  • Pour liquid into a measuring cup or any container with an easy-pour spout. Fill silicone jelly molds with mixture and put in the fridge. If you are in a hurry for your jellies you can put them in the freezer and they will be ready in about 20 minutes.
IMG_4328Enjoy! We went on a little hike the other day and brought along a container full of these jellies with some apples and cheese. We didn’t have any crabby, low sugar induced sibling rivalry spats – miraculous!