Fish Then Coffee – Here’s Why


Today I slept until almost noon. I was up very late last night working on a new blog site. Ok, ok I was socializing on Messenger too and also researching unalome images on Google because at 51 I suddenly must have a tattoo.

Anyhow, I felt like crap this morning and instead of going for a coffee first thing, which I love to do, I made a salad and topped it with a can of sardines. Was the thought of a can of fish and lettuce really making my mouth water? Hell no, I really had to talk myself into it. I marched myself into the bathroom. Found myself in the mirror, “you got this.”

I made the salad. I took the photo for IG. I decided the salad was too big but I’d just have a few bites. Then it happened. The same thing that always happens when I make the switch from sugar/caffeine to whole foods for fuel. It is as if my brain function flips to “everything’s gonna be alright” mode.  Continue reading “Fish Then Coffee – Here’s Why”